LGBT Mental Health Counseling In Philadelphia Drives Global Change

I'm a big fan of therapy, but unfortunately, there isn't enough of it going on, and there needs to be changes made in accessibility, especially when it comes to marginalized groups and minorities. Here's more about a place that is making a change in that regard for the better.

More than anything in the world, you are the most important. Out of all the riches in the planet, you are the most precious. Unfortunately, the first person to doubt these things is also you. And nobody else can really help change your perspective other than you.

Matters concerning mental health have been gracing the tabloids in recent years. As a mental health professional, I couldn’t be happier to see that the world is slowly warming up to the idea of normalizing psychological care. It wasn’t too long ago that people were laughed and called names just because they’re unlike everybody else; they don’t feel just like everybody else. Read more about this here:

The world of today may be more welcoming of such services and people attending such services. However, the world has also become more aggressive which is why more and more people are falling into the clutches of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. If nothing is done to help them overcome their inner demons, these people may be compelled to shy away from a life of hope and promise. They may even end it before it even really started. These people need our help and support the most. We should be able to extend it whenever and wherever – and I’m not just talking about the majority.

The truth is, most people who suffer from severe mental stress are those who belong in the minority – the oddballs, the challengers of status quo, the “outside-of-the-box” type of people. But instead of using the word minority, I think a better term would be unique. These people are experiencing a lot of stress coming from societal rules, family expectations, and peer pressure. All these things can really take a toll on their mental health. But because they’ve been always called out for being uniquely different, they’re too afraid to just come out and say that they’re having a difficult time in their lives (read more).

Primary examples are the brilliant and extraordinary people who belong in the LGBTQ plus community.

What Is A Day In The Life Of An LGBTQ+ Like?

You can be heterosexual and have mental problems. And it’s tough enough already having to seek help even when you are deemed “normal” in a societal sense. Being homosexual, bisexual, asexual, and having mental problems is even worse. Not because they are “abnormal” or anything like that but because there are only a few people who can genuinely say without apprehension that they understand them. But this is to be expected because up until 10 or so years ago, no one tried to ever put their feet in these people’s shoes. They were too afraid to do it.

But the case is different now. The world is more open to ideas and possibilities. It is more open to embrace the concept of diversity and how one size does not fit all. But it is also precisely because one thing can’t be applicable to everything and every situation that we have to train specialized individuals who would take on the challenge of learning different approaches and counselling styles to address the mental health needs of different types of people.

Is this discriminatory? No, not in the least. It’s more like a precise approach to the problem. One solution doesn’t work for all types of problems. This is why there is a need for specialized professionals who can work on LGBT counselling.

LGBT Mental Health Counseling In Philadelphia

Luckily, Philadelphia is already spearheading the change. With the help of dedicated and compassionate mental health professionals, the state offers better services to members of the LGBT community that are currently suffering from devastating mental health issues. They have specialized counsellors who can specifically help with issues and feelings that LGBT individuals feel as they live out their lives with the rest of the world. We should follow how the Philadelphia mental health treatment for LGBTQ goes. They’re setting a good example for the rest of us.

More and more cities, states, and countries should actively drive this change globally. If we’re accepting diversity, then we should also diversify our approach to mental health. Each mind is beautiful; each person is wonderful so we must not forget to appreciate the uniqueness of each other. Slowly diversifying our approach to mental health will help more people open up about themselves. It will certainly make a difference.

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