A Solution To My Summer Problems At Last

Ok, I'm going to warn you, this post is going to get into TMI territory somewhat, so read further at your own risk.

Ok, I'm fat.

My thighs touch each other when I walk.

More like rub each other.

And each summer, when it would be sweltering outside, and I left the house, my legs would rub each other, damp, and get raw. (Also when during non summer times when there were times of the month with more dampness, if you catch my drift.)

Red and painful.

Chub rub. 


Whatever you call it, it would be painful to walk, because walking would make my raw legs rub against each other, making them more and more raw with each step.

So I'd end up doing this sort of waddle, doing anything I could to stop my legs from rubbing each other.

And then each night shower, scrub very well, because then sleeping would give my legs a fresh start, so in the morning I'd start from zero when I left the house, instead of partially raw and chafed to start the day, which would happen without a nightly shower.

My solution to this was always tights.

I had these comfortable tights from NextDirect.com and I wore them in the heat of the summer. Because they saved my legs. They were thick enough to stop the rubbing, but soft enough that they didn't irritate me.

And then Next stopped carrying those tights. I thought I was ordering the wrong ones when the ones I had got all holey, but each time they arrived and were itchy, scratchy, and not only didn't prevent chub rub, they made it worse. I even contacted Next to see if there was something I was missing, or a way to order those soft tights that wasn't immediately obvious on their site, but their customer service line told me that they changed suppliers and there was no way to get those tights that saved me every summer.

So I tried other companies. Like Marks and Spencers.
And they sucked.
And it didn't work.
And I suffered in the summer.

One day I went to a friends house after walking around the city all day. And by the time I got there, I was walking so slowly, because even this weird summer waddle I was doing wasn't fully able to stop the chafing, and everything hurt me. Embarassed though I was, I asked her if she had any suggestions about what I could do.

And she saved me.

No, really, she did.

She had me try this pair of leggings that she had, and said she wears them all the time, because nothing prevents chafing like those leggings.

And she was right.

She directed me to the store that sells them- a cheap supermarket that also carries some clothing, and I bought a few pairs.

And I've literally lived in them this summer.

They are light and airy and breezy and soft and comfortable, and they are pretty cheap as well. Oh, and they have both ankle length and just past the knee.

And they have them in both solid colors and fun patterns.

So after an entire summer of switching off between the literally four pairs of leggings that I had, today I went back to the store and bought another four.

I know this post is a little TMI, but hello, I've written about menstrual cups and birth control before, so chub rub really is no biggie, but still.

For people local to me, these leggings are called Chic brand. I don't think they sell them internationally, so it won't really help people not local to me. But the reason I'm sharing this is because maybe other people reading this also suffer like I do in the summer and have no idea what to do. Leggings. Soft, breathable, stretchy, but thick enough to prevent skin from touching skin is the answer.

Oh, and for modesty reasons, I wear these with a skirt on top usually, unless I'm wearing them around the house as pajamas.

Yes, they slightly make me more hot. But I'd take a little hotter over painful raw and unable to walk any day. Hands down.

Do you deal with chub rub? What is your solution? Do leggings work for you?

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  1. I'm the same! Can't go bare-thighed, even after losing 50 pounds and not being overweight... I always have to wear something, but in the summer I tend to wear shorts under my skirt / dresses, like cycle shorts, or sometimes I've found lighter ones that are specifically for this.

  2. Wonderful. I know the band. I hope they don't change the contents.

  3. There is a an anti-chafing balm stick that is sold, but my daughter found that the the cheap Suave deodorant sticks (they say 24 hour protection invisible solid on the front) they sell for $1.59 work just as well.

  4. I am a chunky 67 yr old and I live in leggings! I buy extra long tee shirts that go past my butt. Love them

  5. To stay a little cooler you could cut the leggings at the knee possibly, just a thought. It's worked for me with tummy control pantyhose. :D

  6. I'm glad you found a solution. I don't have this problem but my friend does and she always wears leggings. Its good to share information to help others.

  7. Personally I'm adore leggings))

  8. 51 yo mom with same problem! Antiperspirant can help, but anti-chafe solid sticks work even better, athletes use them while running or biking so sports stores or even places like Target in USA sells it. I personally like Jockey's brand of "Slip Shorts" made of a stretchy cooling polyester material and in colors like black and nude, which are rather like bike shorts or short leggings! But they keep me cooler in the summer, as I find leggings HOT to wear and not very breathable, esp over a dress or tunic. They also sell these lacey bands with pockets (to fit a cell phone?) that you wear high up on your thighs where chub rub happens, and they are non-slip. They are pretty but rather awkward to adjust if they move, and difficult to get placed just right, as everyone is shaped differently. Good luck!

  9. What about biker shorts for summer?

  10. Men's loose cotton boxers are another simple fix. They don't give 100% coverage, but they do the job nicely for me, without making things hotter.

  11. Well I think its not about being fat, but the body type. I mean I am not fat at all, but I remember myself literally crying while walking to the elevator after a meeting -me wearing a fancy skirt in the summer- or I remember myself walking home after a nice summer party in pain and tears and then being unable to wear shorts next week because of the red painful spots. I thought nobody would understand me. I have very thin or very very fat friends and they all say it never happens to them. I felt better reading this because I felt like somebody really understands me and I m not the only one to suffer this problem. Thank you.

  12. I got myself some Bandelettes (but there are a number of other brands that do the same thing. They are stretchy fabric bands that you wear on each thigh to prevent chafing. They're very comfortable, come in many sizes and colors and, most important to me, stay up without fiddling. I've had them a couple of years now and really like them.

  13. Costco (and probably online too) is selling a 2-pack of the Jockey Slip Shorts in their warehouses!

  14. Ah yes, the joys of summer and chub rub. I use nylon pettipants and they are AWESOME at summer. I'm newly divorced and don't mind the grandma bloomers look :D lol Also just wearing light capris under my skirt is good too, for modesty.

  15. Yeah, I live in those leggings come winter (for chub rub, but also since I have sensory issues and can't wear pantyhose). I didn't know that company also sold biker shorts - I got 3 of a more expensive brand this summer! Will look for these next week in the supermarket.

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