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Factors Why People Choose to Live in Washington DC

As a kid, I visited Washington, D.C. a few times, and each trip was quite special. As an adult, though, I have many friends who live in DC, and I hear that it is quite a wonderful place to live. If you're thinking of relocating, here's some reasons from a reader why you might want to consider living in Washington, DC.

When we talk about reasons to live in a certain city, there are a lot of aspects to consider since we all ultimately have different priorities. But that being said, cities that have the most potential to attract people are the cities that have a wide variety of different aspects to offer. And what better city to talk about regarding variety than one of the world’s greatest and most historical cities, Washington DC. On that note, in this article, we are going to talk about just what factors make Washington DC such an attractive place to live in.


Anyone who is the type of person that needs walks in the park, green bike routes and just an overall touch with nature will consider this the breaking factor when choosing the place to live. Washington DC, even though it is a big city with a lot of residential space, has a lot of green spaces to offer to its citizens as well, hence making spending time away from the hustle of city life a lot easier. The beautifully landscaped gardens and parks all throughout Washington DC offer a wide variety of possible activities like having a picnic, hiking, walking, and riding a bike.

Washington DC has many major bike trails, one of the most popular being the historic Chesapeake & Ohio Canal from Georgetown to Cumberland. One of the area's most beautiful gems is the 446-acre US National Arboretum, which actually has one of the largest collections of bonsai trees in the entire North America.

Job opportunities

First thing first - if you’re looking for a government job, there is probably no better place to look for it than in Washington DC. That being said, even though the majority of the workforce in Washington DC is composed of the federal government and contract workers, there are a lot of different options as well. Washington DC is also the home of a wide variety of other major businesses. Since it’s a pretty big city, it is a great place for entertainment and tourism jobs, as well as, on the other hand, healthcare and business. So, basically, the probability is high that you will likely find a job no matter what you are looking for.


Now, this factor applies to many different topics. First of all, Washington DC is the 6th most racially diverse city in the United States! Secondly, did you know that over 10% of adults in Washington DC identify themselves as a part of the LGBTQA+ community? That is almost three times more than the national average. So, you get the point - whoever you are, you will find your place and community in this city.

Places to live

Diversity also applies to different suburbs, districts, and places to live in general. Whatever you are looking for, the probability is high that you will find it. If you are looking for an urban lifestyle and enjoy the hustle of city life, there are plenty of different apartments and condos for you to choose from.

If you don’t want to be at the center of all the happenings, but you don’t see yourself living in the suburbs either, there are many options as well - and the apartments on 16th street are a must see when it comes to areas like this. So, you can be pretty close to the city center, and still have a dose of peace and quiet.

Of course, there are also suburban homes for those that don’t enjoy the city life. These suburbs are actually some of the best in the country when it comes to education levels, school rankings and income. There even are rural farmhouses for those who really want to get away from the fuss and really enjoy the silence and peace.


Washington DC was founded way back in 1791 in order to become the capital of the United States. Even from the very beginning, this was a city that was steeped in history - hence today it offers an unparalleled insight into American history. That being said, if you are a history enthusiast, you will have a lot of fun exploring Washington DC.

The weather conditions

Even though this is something that many people will overlook at first, we find it a great advantage. Washington DC has very balanced weather conditions. Unlike the regions and cities that are way up to the north that have freezing winters, or the skin-blistering heat of Tennessee for instance, Washington DC has all four seasons that are of equal intensity. So, if you live in Washington, you are going to be able to enjoy every aspect of the year.

Vacation options

Washington DC is in such a perfect position that you have so many easy and affordable options when it comes to vacation trips since it is located in the mid-Atlantic region of the country. If you are looking for a trip to the beach, many beautiful beaches like Ocean City, Maryland, and Virginia Beach are just a three-hour drive away. If you want to go to the mountains, you can get to the Maryland mountains in just about one hour. Even big cities like New York and Philadelphia are just three hours away.

There’s a lot to do

You would have to try really hard in order to get bored in a city like Washington DC. There are so many things to do and places to see, for instance, let’s talk a bit about sports. Basically, there is a professional sport being played in some stadium, in every time of the year, in every season, pretty much every time of the day. We have also mentioned the historical aspect of Washington DC, but did you know that some of the state’s biggest and most prestigious museums are free?

And not to mention random street festivals that are happening very frequently. Also, there are countless restaurants, bars, pubs, and similar for you to explore. When it comes to restaurants, in particular, you should know that the brunch culture is very abundant in Washington DC, and most places are filled with people around 11.00 am.

To wrap things up

In the end, the main point that we wanted to make throughout this article is that there is something for everyone in Washington DC. No matter if we are talking about communities, places to live, things to, or basically anything else - this city is so diverse, and you will surely find yourself in it.

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  1. Hi Penny!

    I've read your blog off and on for five years or so and really appreciate your posts about frugality, and foraging especially. As a Washingtonian I was delighted to see your post about my wonderful city. Thanks for the shout out!


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