My Latest Scratch and Dent Store Extra Frugal Shopping Trips

With everything going on in my life, with summer vacation, corona, kids home a lot, busing issues, and many more things, I haven't been going to the city much to do my grocery shopping. It helps that I found a local cheap grocery store that does home delivery, making my life easier. But that means that I haven't been going to the city much, and therefore miss out on some ridiculously amazing deals from scratch and dent stores.

Well, earlier on in the week I ended up going to the city, and while I was there, popped in to a scratch and dent store and got some great deals. They had gluten free vegan wafers for 29 cents a package, at least 1/10 of their usual price in stores, so I bought 20 of them. They also had small cans of beans in tomato sauce for 29 cents a peice, at least 1/4 of their standard price, soI got 20. Additionally, they had milk chocolate bars for 70 cents which is half their going rate so I bought 8, and the shop keeper who knows me and likes to give me deals threw in an extra chocolate bar for free.

I came home, and decided to post about this shop. Not the biggest shop by far, but what I got was great deals.
However, I have to say, I was feeling a little sheepish about sharing this post. I mean, pathetically small. Just chocolate, beans, and wafers. But still was going to do it.

And then within the next few days I had to go to the city again for other errands, and this time I went back to the scratch and dent store- also the one that I got my previous shop from, and also another one. 

This time, I took another picture of my shop, and now I finally felt I had enough to post about. And got even better deals!


Ok, so this next shop gets more fun.

Wheat tortillas, packages of 10, for 95 cents each- they usually cost at least 2 or 3 times that. I bought 3 packages.

Toasted sesame oil, standard price is $5.75 a large bottle or more, and at least $2.85 for a small one was $2.85 for a large one and $1.42 for the littler ones. So I got the only large one they had and three small ones. I use this a ton, and I love when I can get this on sale!

Mint chocolates, my kids' absolute favorite chocolate, After Dinner Mints style, was being sold for $2.85 when its usually at least 1.5 times that much, so I got three.

They had gluten free cookies for $1.90 per package, so I got three. 
They had chocolate truffles for $1.90 per package, so I got three.
They had canned goods for 71 cents each if you get them in sets of four. Most of their canned goods were crushed tomatoes, which I don't generally buy (my kids don't mind tomato paste but at least two of my kids don't like the texture of cooked tomatoes unless blended) but they had one large can of fruit cocktail, one large can of peaches, and a can of refried black beans. Even just getting those three would be worth it to pay $2.85, but since they didn't have any other cans I wanted, I just took a can of tomatoes for the fourth, which made it feel like I was getting that for free.

And then I went back to the store whose shop I visited a few days earlier, shown in the first picture.

And the milk chocolate bars, which were already a good price, became even lower! 29 cents for a bar of milk chocolate! At the previous already good price, I bought only 8, and my kids asked me why so few. So I thought that I'd get 20 of them. But then the shopkeeper said that he got in new stock and was trying to get rid of the old and he doesn't have any more besides for what is displayed, so I decided to stock up, because I didn't know the next time I'd be able to get anything that cheap. I decided to go with a round number and get 50. Yes, fifty bars of chocolate for only $14.28! My kids are absolutely thrilled!

Then there were these cheese puffs. They weren't as cheap as I generally would want to pay for snacks- they weren't expensive either, but since the packages were small and they were 95 cents each, I wasn't going to get them at first.
And then I looked at the ingredients and saw that they had good wholesome ingredients in it, no fillers, no carbs- they're just cheese puffs, pure protein, and I figured for something like that, it was worth the price. So I got 9 of them.

And lastly, since it was a hot day, and they had drinks for 95 cents each, cheaper than they usually cost, I decided to buy a few. 

Anyhow, I'm really excited about this shop, and I hope you can see why. I plan on doing more scratch and dent store shopping now that I'm heading into the city more for errands, and hope to get even more terrifically priced items.

Do you have any scratch and dent stores locally? Got any great deals at one lately? Alternatively, got any great deals in the grocery store or from the reduced rack locally? 

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  1. Can you give us the names and addresses of the stores?

    1. Send me an email to and I'll gladly do that.

  2. I was laughing reading your story about "buy 4". My elder neighbor and I share an obsession with a certain brand of jarred salsa. Local grocery sent a coupon with a significant discount, but only if you "buy 4". She did not read the fine print; despite clipping the coupon, she paid full price for one. I went today and scored the 4 at the coupon price, half for her, half for me. You have taught me how to shop smart!

  3. A few years ago I came across an end of summer sale where the Fla-Vor-Ice freezer pops were .10 a box, here hot days last past the end of August and I picked up about 40 boxes. Kept a few for ourselves and gave the rest away, there were happy parents and children for blocks. I wish we had salvage stores in our area, I have family a couple states away who do all their shopping at those stores and have brought some to us when they come for a visit.

  4. By the way, an amazing haul even over several trips.

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