Heartwarming Ways To Make Your Presence Felt Across The Miles

It's really hard when people you love don't live near you, and traveling to see them is either expensive or not doable for other reasons. But even if you aren't there in actuality, there are ways to essentially give a hug long distance. For example, when my best friend Michelle was living in the US, for her birthday I wanted to do something special, and I found out the contact information of a woman who makes fancy fruit platters and had her make and deliver one to Michelle. (It helped that it was in the city where I grew up, so it was easy for me to find friends who had this information.) 

Another time, during lockdown, my close friend Babs, who lives in another city, was having a hard day and I would have loved to make her dinner and bring it over to cheer her up, but was unable to. However, I contacted a restaurant near her and ordered her dinner for her family, which was the second best option. Here are some other ideas that a reader sent as to how you can show loved ones you care even without actually being there.

Given the last 12 months which we have had there are many of us who have not seen family or friends, and that has been difficult on us all. Thankfully however there are many ways in which we can still show our love and affection, no matter how far away we are. Whether it is a birthday, Christmas time, an anniversary or any other occasion, there is much that we can all do to make our presence felt across the miles.

If you are distanced from your loved one, here is exactly how you can ensure that they know you are thinking about them.

Flower Delivery

Businesses like Pearsons Flower Delivery provides you with a super simple way of showing your care and affection, and everyone loves to get flowers at their door. The beauty of flower buying is that there are options for you no matter what the occasion is, and flowers carry special meanings which represent a wide array of occasions. You can simply go online, peruse the wide range of flowers which you have to choose from and buy the perfect option for your loved one.

Regular Calling

Video calling someone is not and will never be the same as being able to touch and cuddle them, but there is no doubt that if distance separates you, it is very much the best way to do it. Don’t just call every now and again however, try to add this to your week, and make sure that each week you remember to call at the same time.

Sending a Hamper

Another great option which you could buy for your loved one is a hamper, filled with all kinds of goodies which they are going to love. You could fill this up with anything from wine to chocolate, snacks to beauty products. There are many websites online where you can find hamper delivery services, and it could be the perfect choice to let your loved one know that you are thinking about them.

Pay For Dinner

You may not be able to take your loved one to a restaurant but that is not to say that you cannot take the restaurant to them. Food delivery is big business and given the situation which we are going through, most restaurants are doing delivery even if they didn’t before. This could be a fantastic surprise and a truly wonderful way for you to make your presence felt from miles away.

Coffee Subscription

There are some brilliant companies out there offering coffee subscriptions, which deliver a range of assorted coffees from around the world each month. This will not only bring a smile to the face of your loved one, but the regular deliveries will ensure that they remember your gift each and every month. Now this is how to make your presence really felt.

Distance isn’t always good, but with these options you can certainly ensure that you show your loved one just how much you care.

What is your favorite way to show love across a great distance?

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