5 Top Essential Tools Used In The Garden

I love having a garden, but it also is a lot of work. In addition to all the time entailed, you do need to make sure you have proper tools, both to keep you safe and to minimize any potential injury. Here are some important tools to use when you have a garden.

Have you ever thought of making use of the outside space around your home? Gardening can be a wonderful idea. Gardens connect human beings to nature. Having a garden around your home ensures the air you breathe is clean. Gardens act as air purifiers by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen which is important to human beings.

Gardens also produce fresh and natural foods that are very healthy and you can ensure that they are organic. Space should not limit your gardening, some people come up with kitchen garden ideas like planting your crops in buckets or sacks. Have a look at some of the tools you can use in your garden and how to maintain them.

Garden Hoes

A garden hoe is a tool commonly used for digging out weeds in a garden or farm. There are different types of hoes depending on the work to be done. For example, digging hoe is used for digging and tilling. A draw hoe is commonly used for weeding purposes with a pulling action. A reciprocating hoe has a moving blade with a scrubbing action used for weeding. The flat hoe also has a blade but it is for laying the soil flat with push-pull action.

The best garden hoe should have a comfortable handle with a long reach. You should as well consider the sharpness of the blade; a sharp blade works better and is easier to use. A garden hoe should be cleaned well after use to avoid rusting when stored.


A wheelbarrow is a one-wheeled small cart with two supporting legs, and two holding handles used for carrying loads in gardening. If your garden has extra soil to be moved around or manure that needs to be added to your garden beds a wheelbarrow can be very useful. If you have to lift anty other heavy objects, a wheelbarrow will be ideal in such situations. The best wheelbarrows are the ones made through the abs injection moldings process; they are durable and can withstand high temperatures.

For maintenance purposes, keep the wheels inflated properly for easier wheeling. Oiling around the wheel area is advised to help the wheelbarrow move swiftly. Cleaning is also very important after using your wheelbarrow, removing all soil and washing it will help prevent rust when stored.


Gloves are pieces of clothing commonly used to cover your hands from cold or dirt. In gardening, at times the activity can turn to be thorny and that’s where gloves come in - to protect you from garden injuries. Gloves should be durable but not too heavy in your hands, especially when transplanting seedlings. You should consider well-fitting gloves since a poorly fitting one can cause blisters or result in accidents when they slip off.

Farming gloves should have fabrics that are resistant to water. They should also be breathable which will help keep your hands cool and comfortable. Another consideration - they should have longer cuffs which protect wrists and forearms from scratches and keep soil from getting in. Gloves should be stored out of sunlight and away from insects.

Garden fork

A garden fork commonly known as a digging fork or a pitch fork is a tool used mostly for digging. It is also essential for lifting and turning over soil in gardening and farming. In the recent past, they were made of wood, but now most of them are made of steel. They can be maintained well and be durable. Cleaning them after use should be your norm, this will help you maintain them and prevent them from rusting. Additionally, when tending to your garden, be vigilant for tomato hornworms, as the timely removal of these pests can contribute to the overall health of your plants.


A shovel is also one of the most important tools in garden work. It is essential for digging as well as moving loose materials like dirt, gravel, grain, or even snow from one area to another. There are many types of shovels like trench shovels used to dig shallow trenches and also clean up and neaten deeper trenches. Flat shovels have a flat edge commonly used to scoop soil. The pointed digger shovel operates well in rocky soil. And many more.

They also need to be maintained well by cleaning and removing the soil after using them. You can also wash them thoroughly then dry them up before storing them to avoid rust.


If you want to garden, it is important to use the right tools in gardening to achieve a quality job. Apart from just digging and transporting manure in the farms, you may also want to use pesticides to treat your crops from being infested. During the process of spraying, you must have protective gear like gloves and a facemask to prevent direct inhaling of the pesticides.

Gumboots are also helpful to wear when dealing with garden work to prevent your feet from hazardous objects in the garden.

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