Monday, September 6, 2021

What software should a new business invest in?

As someone self employed and never an employee of another company since I was 19, I know how difficult it can be to be your own boss. But once you involve employees it can be another whole kettle of fish. That is where software comes in. Good software can be the difference between your business going swimmingly and floundering along. Here are some ideas from a reader about the best types of software to get if you're running a business.

The months leading up to the launch of your new business are an exciting time, but they can be some of the busiest you’ve ever experienced too. With so many things to think about, different types of software might not have even entered your mind. But investing in the right kinds of software can make all the difference to your day-to-day processes.

While the types of software you need will depend on the type of company you’re planning to run, there are some systems that offer universal benefits to most industries. Here are just a few:


If you’re going to be hiring other members of staff to help you run your new venture, then small business payroll software is going to be essential. Your employees probably won’t stick around too long if they’re not getting paid properly, so make sure that their wages are always delivered in full and on time with an efficient payroll system. The right software will also make sure any necessary taxes are deducted and that employees are receiving any pension contributions they’re entitled to.


Similarly to payroll, accounting is one area of your business you don’t want to get wrong. Even if you think a spreadsheet will get you through the year, the right software can make sure you have more time on your hands to focus on what’s important. Accounting software automatically processes invoices, calculates taxes and gives you better visibility over your cash flow. There’s very little chance of making mathematical mistakes as well once you take human error out of the equation. Even if you do have a head for numbers, software will really make everything go a lot more smoothly.


Are you planning on posting content across social media channels and on your personal blog? You might find it difficult to keep up with your calendar as the weeks go by. Instead of dropping off when things get tough, use scheduling software to make sure all your posts are going live when they should be. Not only does this mean you don’t have to wake up at 6 am to score that primetime slot, but it allows you to create batches of content in advance, saving you time in the long run.


Understanding how well your business is performing is going to be crucial in your first year of trading, so make sure you have the right software to help you track your progress. Depending on the type of marketing you’re going to be doing, you can find different software packages that allow you to monitor traffic, conversions, engagement and more. Over time this will allow you to build up a better picture of what works and what doesn’t while also shedding light on the busiest times of the year, allowing you to prepare accordingly.

Now you know what kinds of software will help to get your business off the ground, it’s time to start researching which solutions will work best for you.

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