Need To Update Your Home? A Quick Guide To Do It On The Cheap

If your home needs a bit of a makeover, because things are starting to look problematic, in your opinion, and freshening things up a bit would make your life more enjoyable, there are ways to do it without spending too much money. I did that quite a few years ago, when we were living in our tiny home that I hated, but needed a way for it to make me resent it less. Here are some ways you can do that too.

There comes a time when you look at your home and just want to rip it down and start fresh. But, unfortunately, it is not possible to do this if you have a budget to stick to. If you feel it is time to make some changes to your home, here are some ideas on how to make some upgrades on a budget.

Keep the old

If your furniture is in decent condition but needs some TLC because it is looking a bit worn and tired, you could get away with tidying it up. All you need to make some changes is a guide to Upcycling Furniture and some creative solutions. Once you have these things in place, you will be able to revamp and breathe life into any number of items in your home. Not only will this save you money on replacing furniture, but it will also help keep your carbon footprint lower as you have prevented waste from heading to a landfill.

End of the line

There are a lot of trends that come and go during the year and this is a good thing if you are on a budget. Being savvy when you are shopping means that you can spot when certain trends are about to end. This is great as you can often get designer pieces for a bargain price. This applies to paints that are being rebranded, wallpapers that have gone out of style, and small items such as drawer handles that have been left behind. Keep an eye out for these items in big hardware stores as they often need to get rid of this stuff to make room in the store for new stock.

Charity shops

On the flip side of the previous point, there are a lot of people who are very fickle with their decorating and will happily get rid of items after a few months. This is good news for you as they can often be found in charity shops. One of the best places to find these items are in charity shops in affluent areas. Don’t believe us? Head out to the charity shops in the posh area of town and see the difference in the items compared to other areas. The best part is, you will get these items for a fraction of the cost.


There is a chance that your friends and family will want to do a clear-out and will be getting rid of a load of things. If you know that someone is about to clear out their garage, you could offer to help. And when they are trying to throw stuff out that they don’t want, you can grab it instead of it ending up in a landfill. Your friends will probably be happy to hand this stuff over to you because it saves them from having to dispose of it. So, they get the clear-out they desire and you can make use of the old paint and wood that they were ready to bin. It’s a win-win.

Have you ever felt the need to revamp your house but had a tight budget? How did you do it?

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