A Heck Ton of Free Food

My neighborhood has a lot of residents that are not well off financially. For this reason, there often are distributions of free foods for the struggling, with the goods varying each time, and then whatever is left is then available for anyone to come take it. I used to regularly go to these distributions, but now I'm both busier and have less time to go, and am not struggling as much. So I usually only go when there are leftovers afterward that are particularly appealing to me. 

I already wrote about the time that I got a few cases of gluten free tortillas, and a few times wrote what I did when I got a bunch of nearly expiring milk. Those were really exciting, but what was even more exciting was when the available leftovers were something usually quite expensive, that I would never buy on my own, but would gladly take if it were free.

Already twice, they were giving out cases of Beyond Sausages, plant based gluten and soy free sausage links with a meaty texture and taste. I'd eaten a Beyond Burger in the past, which was quite delicious, so I was excited to try these sausages. Not that I am vegan, but I do support making vegan meals from time to time since they are generally more affordable, and while my body needs meat to be healthy, I do support minimizing animal products, because, yes, the meat industry is far from moral.

My first time, before having tasted any, I got 2 and a half cases of beyond sausage. (The last case I shared with a neighbor.) Then I got 2 more yesterday.

When I first tasted them, my impression was that it definitely tasted and felt meaty (and the nutritional content is similar, other than b12), but there was a slight aftertaste that I wasn't a fan of. But free, right? 

I decided to see if combining the sausage with other ingredients could cover up the aftertaste, and make it an enjoyable thing to eat, and boy was I right there. 

I've since cooked such delicious meals with these sausages, which is why I got the next two cases.

So far this is what I made with these free sausages.

I broke up the sausage, fried it up till it was cooked, then made it into quesadillas, with the aforementioned free tortillas, cheese, tomatoes, and onions, then served with guacamole. Those won me over, as it was just swoon worthy. Luckily avocados are in season now, so this dish was super frugal for me to make.

The next thing I tried was slicing the sausage, frying it up with onions and potatoes, and topping it off with some ketchup. Also really wonderful, and even without the ketchup the flavor was fine.

I crumbled up the sausage and mixed it with tomato sauce (without first cooking it up) and then included it as a layer in lasagna. It was amazing!

I broke it up and sauted it and served it in a sticky rice bowl for my kids who enjoyed it.

I fried up thin slices and turned it into sausage fried rice. Lick your finger delicious!

And last night I made it with sea beet, cream, cheese, and gnocci and it was my favorite way yet!

I've loved it every way I made it so far, other than eating them plain, and I can't wait to get even more creative with them.

I love free food, and I especially love when the free food is something special that I wouldn't necessarily otherwise buy. 

I have plans to try to use these sausages in jambalaya and in paella too. I also want to try to use it in cantonese turnip cakes but since I have approximately 20 more packages of them, I'm all ears for more ideas!

Have you gotten any free things lately? What were they? Ever had these sausages? (We have the Brat flavor.) Any idea what flavor that aftertaste is? I can't figure it out and it is bugging me. (Is it possibly caraway seeds?) What ways do you suggest I use them? How do you use sausage in your home?

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  1. Thanks for the post. I haven't tried Beyond because of the cost but one dish that Mom always made was sliced kielbasa sausage, onions, sliced potatoes and sliced yellow squash - no ketchup needed. Since you use zucchini so much, use that in place of yellow squash. Hmmm, I think I'll pick up some yellow squash for the sausage I do already have.
    Also, I've started using Misfits Market. It's a fresh food delivery service that offers fruit and veggies on the ugly side or not normally found in the grocery store. I got Rainbow Chard and cremini mushrooms which I've never seen at the store. Next week I'm getting some watermelon radishes...can't wait.

  2. Sausage in an Indian style curry with rice. I make it all the time

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