Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Cut Down Your Alcohol Intake With These Alternative Drink Ideas

I'm not opposed to drinking alcohol. I have a few drinks myself on a semi regular basis. However, there are many people who are unable to drink alcohol or want to stop, but finding an alternative to alcohol that feels like more than just drinking water can be difficult. Here are some alternative ideas to drink.

Like many people in January, your resolution for the year is to cut down on alcohol consumption. It’s something you’ve been telling yourself to do for many years, but you’re finally going to do it. As you begin your journey, you notice why you’ve never managed to do this before; it’s harder than it seems.

Now, you don’t have to be addicted to alcohol to struggle to cut it out of your life. Lots of people drink for social reasons, meaning you only have a few beverages a week - but it all adds up. Wanting to reduce your alcohol intake doesn’t necessarily mean you need to start checking into alcohol rehab! Perhaps you have started noticing some negative health effects that you blame on alcohol - such as weight gain - and that’s why you’re keen to cut down. Or, maybe you want to cut down before you start to see any of the consequences of too much alcohol.

Whatever the reason, you’ve made a positive choice to cut down. With that in mind, how can you reduce your alcohol intake and still have a good time? In all honestly, it comes down to finding alternative things to drink. No, this doesn’t mean drinking water (though you should drink as much water as you can every day!) it’s more about finding ways to replicate the feeling of drinking alcohol, minus the alcohol. Here are some ideas:

Alcohol-free drinks

Okay, sure, everything on this list is an alcohol-free drink, but we’re specifically talking about drinks that normally have alcohol in them. For example, you can find beers that no longer have alcohol in them. Drinks like these are perfect when cutting down as you get the feel and sense of drinking your favorite alcoholic beverage, just without any alcohol at all. Thankfully, the alcohol-free scene has expanded a lot, and you can get a whole host of classic alcoholic drinks that no longer contain alcohol. Also, if you’re heading out to a bar with friends, you can opt for mocktails instead of cocktails - simple!

Energy drinks

Now, energy drinks can be dangerous when drank too frequently. Also, you need to know which ones to drink. Ideally, opt for ones that contain natural ingredients and as little sugar and caffeine as possible. Effectively, energy drinks do a good job of mimicking the effects of alcohol by giving you a slight buzz. Also, if you’re someone that regularly goes out clubbing or enjoys certain spirits with a mixer, the chances are you have energy drinks with your alcohol anyway. So, the taste reminds you of the feeling of drinking, but zero alcohol gets consumed.


It sounds like a simple idea, and that’s because it is. Having a soda with fresh lemon or lime wedge can be all you need as an alternative to alcohol. The fizzy nature of your drink almost simulates the sensation of drinking certain alcoholic beverages. Certainly, if you’re someone that drinks a lot of fizzy wine or fizzy cocktails, this can be a good alternative. Again, soda is often used as a mixer with different spirits, so pick a soda that you typically use when you drink. Just like the energy drinks, it’s all about making your brain think about drinking alcohol without actually drinking it.

Carbonated water and berries

Carbonated water is a lot healthier than soda because it has no sugar or sweeteners. Instead, you add berries and other fruits to get the flavor, creating a fizzy, fruity drink that tastes delicious. It’s a nice thing to make and sip on while watching TV or having friends over for a few drinks.

Apple juice

A popular drink with the kiddies, but apple juice is a genius alcohol replacement. Why? Because it looks and tastes pretty similar to cider. Heat some up and add a few spices, and you’ve got the perfect alcohol-free mulled cider alternative to mulled wine. Or, drinking it on its own with ice is an alcohol-free cider alternative. You could also get carbonated apple juice for an even more realistic fake! Either way, you enjoy the appley taste of cider, minus the alcohol.

Ginger beer

Traditionally, ginger beer is free from alcohol despite its name. Here, you have a fizzy and tasty drink that often comes in a can or bottle that looks like a normal beer can/bottle. So, it’s a wonderful natural replacement that tastes great and won’t leave you with a hangover.

Seek out these alternative drinks and you will find it so much easier to reduce your alcohol intake. Having a good variety of options is key as you can mix and match to ensure you don’t get bored.

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