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12 Amazing Gifts For The Girls In Your Family

Some kids are really easy to figure out what to gift them. Others can be extremely challenging to figure out what they'd enjoy receiving as a gift. For those of you trying to figure that out for your children, hopefully this list will give you some inspiration.

When it comes to buying presents for either your own children, family members, or friends' children it is always a good idea to find out what sort of toys or games they are into. This way you don’t get something random only for them not to like it. If you get something they like then there is a higher chance they will play with it for longer than a day. If you are trying to navigate the minefield that is buying presents for girls then fear not, we have twelve ideas below that will hopefully give you some inspiration.

Learning toys

A great gift idea for a girl of any age is an educational toy. You can usually get them from around 3 months to 10 years and they will all be age and stage appropriate. Make sure you check if they already have it as they are common gifts given. They avoid the need for technology, especially at a young age. Educational toys are wonderful as they teach children everything from phonics to the world map. If you have a child fascinated with different countries you could get them an interactive globe that tells them facts about the country they hover over.

Outdoor equipment

Children love spending time outside, it is in their nature. They love to explore and be mischievous. If you are wanting to embrace this side of them, then think about getting them some play equipment for the garden. There are so many options, you could invest in a trampoline that will see them through from the age of about two to their teenage years. You could also get them a swing set or a new bike. Children are always grateful for anything outdoor-related.


Something that is always gratefully received and much needed is clothing. Children are constantly growing so if you want to impress parents then buy clothing for their children. This not only saves the hassle of them buying it but you could get something that they would never buy. Children also get incredibly grubby and dirty, especially if they spend a lot of their time outdoors. Try and opt for practical clothing as they will get more use out of them, so t-shirts and leggings for example rather than party dresses.

Night Light

If you know the child is afraid of the dark why not save the parents a purchase and buy them a nightlight. Depending on the age of the child you can get some pretty awesome ones. You can also get ones that run on varying energy options, for example, batteries or plug-ins. There are sweet little nightlights for babies that you plug in their room and it gives a gentle glow so as not to disturb them. When they are older there are cuddly toy-type night lights that they can cuddle into for reassurance. You can also get little lamps with a low-watt light bulb that will complement any little girl's bedroom.

Arts & Crafts

This is always a winner, however, be warned some parents hate arts and crafts items in their home. What do arts and crafts equal with girls, glitter! Glitter gets everywhere so if you are wanting to buy something like this then check with the parents if they are okay with it. If you are buying for your own child then be warned glitter does in fact go everywhere and you will be finding it around your house for weeks on end. Arts and craft activities are great to do at home on rainy days.

Video Games

If you want to impress an older girl then get them a new video game. They may have various consoles, as kids usually do when they are getting older. Check what ones they are into and find one that is suitable for their age. Far too many children nowadays don’t understand the dangers of playing a video game that is way above their age. You can get some lovely video games for the Nintendo Switch such as Animal Crossing or Mario Kart. If the special event is a birthday or Christmas then you may want to buy them a new console. These usually come in a bundle where you get the console and a game.

Board Games

If you are still very old-fashioned and want the girls to play with each other and grown-ups around the room then think about getting a board game. Traditional ones such as Cluedo and monopoly still exist and families have great fun with these types of games. If you want to get everyone up and involved then you could even buy a twister. This is where you spin the dial and whatever it lands on you have to put your hand or foot there, whoever falls first is the loser. It is really lovely going into toy shops and seeing the vast array of board games that are now on the market.


If you are wanting to buy something meaningful for an older child then how about a camera. They may be getting to an age where they are spending more time out and about with friends or family members. A camera is different from taking pictures on your phone as you feel more accomplished taking the picture with a proper camera. It is also quite retro which seems to be making a comeback. Check out the best deals on cameras and see which one you like best, it also has to fit into your budget. You need to make sure they are old enough to know how to respect a camera, otherwise, it is just going to be found years later buried at the bottom of the toy box.


Another gift idea for an older girl, potentially a teenager is make-up. Girls like to experiment with makeup and they often copy their mums or other female relatives. It’s the classic little girl coming out with the red lipstick and the heels from her mum’s closet! Makeup will never fail, just make sure it isn’t too garish as this will not be suitable for them. If the child isn’t yours then be careful not to overstep the mark, check with the parents if it’s okay to buy the older child makeup before you head out and spend your money.


If the girl you are buying a gift for has long, thick, curly hair then she may benefit from her very own hairdryer. Curly hair can take ages to dry and there may be a queue for the hairdryer in the mornings. If you do decide to buy them a hair dryer then make sure it has a diffuser attachment that comes with it. This makes it easier and less of a pain to dry curly hair, check out favorite hair diffusers here for some ideas.

Experience Day

If you are stuck on what to get the girl then how about an experience day. You may have exhausted all the shops and still left empty-handed. An experience day is something that they go and attend, race track driving or skydiving are two examples. There are of course less extreme ones for the younger girls, a high ropes session or chocolatier for instance. Have a chat and see which one they would like the most.


Finally, one thing that will never fail with a child of any age is technology. For older children they may want to listen to music, therefore they will need some sort of earphone. Most of them are wireless and noise-canceling now so they can listen to their music in peace. If you do decide to invest in a good quality pair of earphones for her then make sure she is aware of the dangers of using them while crossing roads or walking down the street.

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