Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Giving Your Pet the Best Quality of Life When Finances Are Scarce

I've had my dog for about 4 years now, and getting her was one of the best decisions of my life. We got her at a time when finances were more challenging than they are now, and I was concerned that she would cost us a lot of money, but 4 years later we are finding that the biggest expense really is medical care, and because she is still young those fees aren't yet high, but as she grows older they will be greater. If you are tight on money but have a pet, here's how to give them a good life while not going broke.

One of the hardest things that we can all experience as a family is a lack of proper finances. We all want to give our children the best lives and, of course, this means our pets too. But pets can get short shrift, especially when we are struggling with our finances. This is why we've got to focus on the quality of life for our pets. So what are the things we need to ensure are in place?

The Right Portions of Food

It's so easy to fill a dog bowl full of cheap food, but this food is going to be full of fillers and unhealthy ingredients such as propylene glycol or butylated hydroxyanisole. Therefore, if we want to give our dogs a high-quality foundation, it's about ensuring that we portion up their food properly and not give them poor-quality food in abundance. They should never exceed the recommended daily amount, which is why you can focus more on quality pet food such as the ones provided by Freshpet. You can find numerous Freshpet reviews online to find the right types of food for your dog. It's also a good idea to not give them leftovers from your plate as it could make them very unwell.

Increase Their Activity Levels

This is something we can all benefit from. Dogs can easily get bored, as can we, and therefore spending more time out and turning the dial up on the exercise odometer will ensure that your dog is fighting fit. Depending on the breed of dog you've got, they will absolutely lap up an extra long dog or another walk around the block.

Time for Playdates

When we are at home and we haven't got much money, we can sit and stew in our own thoughts about our finances, but going out on playdates is something that doesn't need to cost a penny. You can take food for yourself from home but also ensure that your dog has a playdate that goes on all day. If you give them a lot of exercise, it makes sure that they socialize, which is so important and they will be incredibly happy as a result!

Quality Time With Them

Dogs will always value the time we spend focusing on them. Feeling like we don't have much money means that we endeavor to start to focus on the quantity of stuff, but this is why it's so important for the members of the family to pay attention to the quality of life. And what better way to improve the quality of life than have a playdate or spend time with your pets. You can spend time grooming them and taking them around the neighborhood to engage in the odors of the world, but you can do so much more as well.

We all need to remember that sometimes it's about the quality of life and the fact is that whether you have got a new pet or a seasoned canine member of the family, dogs don't want very much at all. It's a lesson that quality is always better than quantity.