Selling your house: A guide to open home viewings

Are you a home owner who needs to sell their house, either to be able to move to a house that is better suited to your family, or because you are moving to a new area, or selling for any other reason? You want to be able to make as much money on your home as possible. Here are some tips to help you with staging your home so that you can make it more enticing to buyers.

Open home viewings can either halt or quicken a real estate purchase depending on how prepared you are. But with so much to do and so many things to consider, how are you going to ensure you’ve shown your house off in the best possible way?

Bad first impressions can last forever

A golden rule of real estate is to make a good impression from the very first second people arrive at your front door. A fresh lick of paint and a good exterior scrub of the house will set you up for success before they’ve even entered your home.

Walk the steps your open house buyers will. Think of ways to appeal to their senses and give them an instant warm feeling about your home. If you can make those precious first few minutes mean something, the rest will take care of itself.

Creative use of space makes your home look bigger

Natural light and neutral colors can both contribute to making your home look bigger and more inviting to the average person. As a final touch, try to incorporate one focal point in each room to accentuate that ‘big room’ feel.

Remove unnecessary appliances and de-clutter your storage spaces

Don’t forget to spend some time tidying your visible storage. You want to give off a minimalist feel that shows off space. Why? Because space means potential, and potential means you’re already catching the interest of your buyers.

Leave your emotions locked away with the clutter

No one is saying that selling a home that’s raised your family is going to be easy. But emotions belong as far away from an open home as possible. Take down those family pictures, get your game face on, and try to see the bigger picture.

The small touches can make a sale happen faster

Set the dinner table. Turn the fireplace on. Let the smell of freshly baked goods fill the kitchen. Make the home look lived in without personalizing it with your own pictures and appliances. This handy trick will get their imaginations running wild and seeing themselves already living there!

Think of the buyer’s point of view

Imagine you’re a potential buyer. You’ve probably seen countless homes in the area, and they’re maybe all starting to look the same. How are you going to ensure your place stands out from the rest and offers something they’ll remember?

Write down what you’d like to see in an open house for your dream place. Are you able to implement some of these things into your current home?

Try to be extra critical of your home

The ability to remain critical of your own open home is like a superpower. And if you can harness that power, you’ll soon find yourself getting offers faster than ever before. It’s not easy to find faults in a home you’ve probably lived in for many years, but find your critical voice and let it find those final touches to change that’ll make your next open house viewing your last one.

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