Signs You Should Hire A Professional Cleaning Service

Have you ever hired cleaning help? I've done it sporadically, mainly for dishes when my dishwasher was broken and my body hurt far too much to wash my dishes. When the place is a mess and you can't handle the cleaning for any reason, you might want to hire someone to clean your place. This gives a few reasons why you might want to hire a cleaning service, but I'll add to the list that people that are disabled often need cleaning help as well.

Having a clean and tidy home is a must for many people, which is why the average American family spends around $600 a year on cleaning supplies. Most people spend approximately 6 hours per week cleaning and organizing their homes, but some individuals simply don't have the time nor the energy to devote as much time doing these tasks. Moreover, some are unable to keep up a regular cleaning schedule due to mobility or health issues.

Apart from having an unsanitary living space, not cleaning your home regularly can result in many problems that go beyond having to cope with dirty surfaces. Fortunately, you can delegate cleaning tasks to professionals to have a sparkling clean home. But how do you know when it's time to call for some help? Here are the signs that you should hire a professional cleaning service.
Your Family Has Allergy Symptoms

Constant sneezing, coughing, having watery eyes, and skin itching are some allergy symptoms that are linked to a dusty or unsanitary environment. Moreover, having other serious symptoms such as forgetfulness, fatigue, having constant headaches, blurred vision, and tremors may be attributed to the presence of black mold in living areas. Mold toxicity affects about 25% of the population, which is why deep cleaning should be done on a regular basis, especially in houses that have been flooded, have water damage, or are near the coastline.

If your family is experiencing some of these symptoms, it may be time to call cleaners to do a professional deep clean in your home. A well-trained cleaning staff can get rid of allergens and mold in your home without using harmful chemicals, which may further aggravate health symptoms. Moreover, they're equipped with the proper tools to sanitize your home, so you don't have to spend money on special cleaning equipment to get rid of mold or dust build up. Whether you stay or go when the cleaners come is up to you, but if you have allergy symptoms, it may be a good idea to get out of the house while they do their work so your symptoms won't be triggered. If you're uneasy at the thought of strangers cleaning your house, check reviews and references before hiring a cleaning team, or consider using smart cameras so you can keep an eye on things at home.

Your Cluttered and Dirty House is Giving You Stress

If staying in a dirty home is giving you stress, or if you don't look forward to coming home to all the mess, then now may be the best time to hire professional cleaners. According to a Princeton University study, having a dirty home can impair your ability to focus, and when people can't concentrate on a task, this creates stress, which may lead to mental health problems such as anxiety or depression. A cleaning service can help you have a grime-free and spotless house, and mental health experts say that having a clean home can help you feel more in control, more relaxed, and it puts you in a better mood.

If dirt isn't only the issue and you're dealing with clutter as well, then apart from cleaning services, it may be a good idea to seek help from professional organizers too. They can help you with various organizing challenges and ensure that you make the best use of the space in all areas of your home.

You're Working More

Having to return to in-person work after two years of remote working means spending more hours on tasks and commutes. If you find that you're working and traveling more and you don't have as much time to clean as before, then delegating some intensive cleaning tasks to professionals will ensure that you'll always have a clean home, no matter how busy you are. You can take care of daily cleaning tasks such as vacuuming or dusting, while a deep clean can be performed at least once a month by a cleaning service. Consider setting aside a budget for professional cleaning such as for professional house cleaning in Arlington, VA so you can stay on top of home maintenance without digging into your savings.

Having a clean house comes with a lot of physical and mental health benefits. If you're unable to clean because you're short on time, or if your messy house is giving you stress or allergy symptoms, then it's high time to call in professionals to clean your home for you. Doing so can work wonders on your mood and wellbeing, and it gives you and your family a healthier place to live.

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