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I was talking to my therapist recently about certain resentments that I was having towards my children asking for things that I thought were frivolous expenses, and she said that from what I'm telling her, the resentment stems from the fact that I don't spend money on myself that isn't absolutely necessary. I told her that that is definitely true, and that sometimes even things that are necessary I still often don't buy for myself. 

For example, I need special sneakers because of my problematic feet and the shoes I had were broken for a few months and I still didn't order new ones and made do with my broken shoes. (I finally made an order from Amazon a month ago and they are running late, but hopefully should arrive today.) The other thing I have been making do without was bras. 

I had been wearing bras from a company that I ordered online, but they didn't have a good fit and were not supportive, and since I have larger girls support is necessary. There is this store I went to locally that has good fitting quality bras, but the bras there aren't so cheap. I bought some there anyhow because they were good. 

When I went there last, I asked for cheaper good ones that are my size, and I got a bra that was about $60, which was on the cheaper end for the store there, and one that I liked less that was a little more expensive.

But I needed more than 2 bras, and I wanted to see if I could get them cheaper than what I paid locally, while not skimping on quality. I found the company that made my bras was located in Europe, and at the time, they were shipping internationally. I located on their site the exact bra I had bought in person and instead of $60 per bra it was $30, with free international shipping if you spent more than 75 dollars, and purchased a few of them, and I was very happy with them.

Eventually, of course, all bras, good or not, need replacing, and all but one of mine broke and needed replacements. (I even tried fixing one by hand to extend its life, but the underwire would not stay put even with my trying to sew it shut and I need those underwires.)

I wasn't buying new bras though. Because the site stopped shipping them outside the EU and that really sucked. I kept telling myself that I'd go back to the store and buy one in person, even if not as cheap as it was online, but I just wasn't getting around to it.

After the therapy appointment where I disclosed that I wasn't even buying myself a new bra, I decided to finally go and get myself a new bra and not to wait any longer. But I got to the store and they didn't have the bra that I wanted, and the only ones they had in my size were $115 and up. I just couldn't. Even if I deserve a bra that fits me well and I am allowed to spend money on myself, I was unable to stomach the thought of that much money spent on just one bra. I walked out.

Unsure what to do, I thought about buying at a different online place, but whose quality I couldn't be sure of, not to mention fit.

On a hopeful note, I posted on Facebook asking if anyone who lived in the EU would be willing to have the package mailed to them and then they mail it to me, but I had no takers. Then I went and asked a friend living there if she could, but her husband was suspicious of receiving a package like that, but once she heard it was just a bra order, she had no problem doing it for me then mailing it to me.

So I placed my order. I got 6 bras, so that I don't have to do this again soon, with 10% off and then another 15% off with a coupon code. So now it costs $145 for 6 of them, not that much more than just one would cost locally. $24 a piece which is legit 1/5 of the price, plus shipping from Europe to here. 

So yes. I am worth it. I do need bras. But that didn't mean I would be paying $115 for a single bra. At least I found a solution that I get what I need without skimping on quality but not paying through the nose either.

What do you do, my large chested friends? How do you balance quality and cost when it comes to bras? Anyone else have a hard time spending money on themselves?

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