Tips for a Successful Parent Entrepreneur

Being a parent while running a business definitely is not easy. Both place large demands on you. How can you do both successfully? Here are some tips.

Parenting is one of the most rewarding and challenging roles a person can take on in life. As if parenting wasn't challenging enough, more and more parents are taking on the extra challenge of starting their own business while their kids are still young. Sounds like a big challenge, right? It's a rollercoaster of emotions and it takes an immense level of determination and hard work to be successful in both roles. For those considering taking this journey, the following are some tips that may help to keep you grounded and increase your chances of success.

Always Give 100%

To be successful, 100% effort and dedication is needed at all times in both roles. This can be a huge challenge as your family will undoubtably come first but you need to become good at balancing your duties at home and at the office. It may take time to get into the flow of keeping both sides going so it's important to remember that. Start by doing up a realistic schedule that you'll be able to manage. List the most pressing tasks at the top and work your way down throughout the day. If you feel like your dedication is slipping, dig deep to find some motivation and take some time away from your tasks if you really need to.

Secure Funding

Do you plan to start a business? Are you tight on cash? It's a good idea to look into taking out a small business loan that will help to get things up and running. There are also government grants and extra funding that you should look into. Taking on some debt may actually be a good thing depending on your circumstances so look into all available options and choose the best option based on your circumstances.

Organization is Key

How organized you are will reflect in every facet of your home and business life. Here are some tips that are especially designed for busy parents:
  • Plan your day the night before
  • Learn how to meal plan and batch cook meals at the weekend
  • Delegate jobs to other family members
  • Wake up before everyone else in your home
  • Maximize your time at the weekends when you're away from work
  • Have set routines when it comes to doing homework and eating
  • Download productivity apps that help to keep you focused
  • Stay on top of appointments
Be Fully Present with Your Kids

We've all been there. Doing fun activities with the kids or watching a movie while thinking about tax returns and paying the energy bills. Dropping them off to school while taking the first call of the business day. Pretending to help with homework while trying to connect to a Zoom call. Sounds familiar, right? Instances like these help no-one as you get nothing done and the kids feel neglected. They'll feel like you're never really present and, in time, they might resent you for that. 

The advice here is to be fully present when you're with your kids. If you promise to watch a movie, put your phone away and make the popcorn. Get into the habit of eating at least one meal together at the kitchen table as a family. Play with your kids and be fully present when you are. These are just some steps you should take to ensure your family life isn't sacrificed.

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