Monday, June 12, 2023

Quick Guide to Traveling on a Tight Budget

I really love to travel. And, of course, on a budget. Unfortunately I haven't been able to travel since the pandemic and it's really disappointing. If you want to be able to travel but aren't sure if you have the funds here are some suggestions to help you plan your trip on a budget.

Many of us are traveling on a budget. Whether you are taking a gap year, trying to see the world before you settle down, taking a long trip with your family, or just trying to save money on your yearly summer vacation, there are plenty of ways to cut costs and save cash. A tight budget certainly doesn’t have to mean that you can’t travel. It might just mean that you have to plan more carefully and prioritize more. Here’s a quick guide to help you.

Sunday, June 11, 2023

What is Cryptocurrency Lending and How Does It Work?

If you have money you've saved up, you might want to consider investing. One of the ways you can invest is with cryptocurrency lending. I know nothing about crypto, let alone investing, let alone lending, so I'll just leave it to a contributor to tell you all about this potential way for you to make money.

With the development of the crypto industry, we are witnessing a great number of new up-and-coming projects and products that offer earning options. Instead of simply investing in them and holding their assets in wallets, we have so many earning options, much more interesting compared with holding crypto. The ever-evolving crypto market presents an assortment of avenues to procure profits, encompassing yield farming, staking, mining, lending, investment, trading, and an array of other possibilities. In the context of this discourse, our focus shall delve deeper into the intricate world of crypto lending.

Homemade Cheap Granola Cereal Recipe -- Vegan and Allergy Friendly

I'll confess, my kids end up eating far more cereal than is ideal, because it is something they can grab to eat if I don't have something else ready. But obviously it isn't so healthy, so my sons requested I buy them granola to have as cereal. I'm cool with that, but it gets pricey since it is much more expensive per bowl than other cereals. 

I thought of making my own granola, but I knew that most granola recipes are very expensive with lots of nuts and honey and dried fruit. So I decided to attempt to make my own granola but using cheaper ingredients. Instead of using honey (or maple syrup like I saw in vegan recipes) I used date syrup that is a fraction of the cost of honey locally. There is date syrup that is pure dates and is more expensive, so I used the stuff cut with sugar, and is just 60% dates. Before I did that I checked the store bought granola and saw that it had added sugar in it, so I didn't feel like I was making it "less healthy" at least. When I was first testing out the recipe the kids said that it wasn't sweet enough, so I added more sugar into the recipe, and I still don't feel guilty.

As for nuts- I decided to leave them out because they really up the cost. Initially, I tried using peanuts in place of the nuts but my kids told me they didn't like them. I used desiccated coconut as an addition to the oats, since they are cheaper than nuts. And I decided to sometimes add dried fruit like raisins or whatever else I could buy cheaply, but sparingly, and only after it was cooked, so it wouldn't be burnt.

I tried this recipe over many times until I got it right and my boys were helpful with their feedback, since I can't taste it since I can't eat oats. They were also willing to eat the stuff that got somewhat burnt. But finally I settled on a recipe that I'm happy with because of cost and the kids enjoy as well. 

As for cost? I haven't measured this out exactly, but since I didn't use a scale but instead went by volume... Oats cost me about $1.40, coconut cost me $1.15, the date syrup less than $0.95, the oil $0.25, the sugar $0.12 and the rest is too negligible. So about $3.87 for this batch. The store-bought granola is $5.71 for a package. And this makes approximately 1 1.2 times the amount, so it is definitely worth the cost.

A note- I used 1 1/2 cups coconut in this and 7 cups oats, but you can play around with it and substitute part of that for nuts, seeds, etc... or even use only oats, as long as there is a total of 8 1/2 cups solid stuff for the rest to stick to.

Homemade Cheap Granola Cereal Recipe -- Vegan and Allergy Friendly

Sunday, June 4, 2023

The Benefits of Goat Milk for Your Baby

I am sensitive to dairy, but fortunately am able to use more dairy than I used to be able to. Back in the day when I wanted something dairy, goat dairy (that was fermented) was pretty much the only dairy I could stomach. Goat dairy and cow dairy are not the same. Some people prefer to give their babies formula that is based on goat milk instead of cow milk. Here are some of the reasons why. 

It’s no secret that caring for your baby makes you want the best for them. So from nutrition and exercise to which bottles they use and even animal-based milks, mothers are always looking for safe and healthy options to provide their little ones with the nourishment they need. One such choice is goat milk (Holle Formula); its unique properties make it an excellent option for infants. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the amazing benefits of goat milk for your baby and ways you can incorporate this healthful food into their diet.