7 Food Festivals Worth Traveling For In Europe

If, like myself, you consider yourself a foodie, and you also really enjoy traveling, you might decide to try out local delicacies when traveling, so you can experience the culinary specialties of the region. But if you time it right, you can travel to different locations and get to experience, not just their food, cuisine, but an entire food festival. Here are some you might want to consider when planning your travel dates. Bear in mind that, depending on the popularity of the event, transportation and lodging there might be more expensive at those dates.

Many people who love food would like to take a culinary journey around Europe. With its rich culinary heritage, various foods, and vivacious cooking customs, the continent offers several experiences for one to enjoy. Numerous food festivals across Europe make it possible to fully immerse oneself into the continental gastronomic mosaic. From local to international dishes, these events exhibit European cuisine at its finest. Consequently, if you are an epicurean who is always in the mood for new experiences, then look at these seven such prandial gatherings on different shores of this continent. Prepare yourself for a gustatory adventure without parallel as you taste your way through those offerings.

Here Are The Food Festivals Worth Traveling For In Europe

La Tomatina

Europe is home to the La Tomatina food festival worth attending. It takes place yearly in Buñol, Spain, and involves a riotous tomato fight among thousands of people who gather, grinning ear to ear. Following its inception as an ad hoc food fight in the 1940s, the event has attained international status such that many foreigners visit.

The ripe tomatoes are brought by trucks, triggering an eruption of enthusiasm among participants anticipating this thrilling experience. This is why visitors plunge themselves into mafia-like mobs of tomatoes where they will playfully engage each other amid giggles and harmony before they know it all was actually brief while memories would remain unforgettable.

This elaborate yet artistic tradition at La Tomatina embodies more than just another opportunity for gourmet indulgence, but also a cultural celebration of merriment and cohesion.



Oktoberfest is a food festival in Europe that one should travel for. It began in Munich, Germany, as an iconic celebration of Bavarian culture and has grown to be identified with large-scale beer, music, and fun. The festivities occur yearly at the Theresienwiese fairgrounds, which usually last for two weeks, from late September to the first weekend in October, attracting millions of people.

While there are many traditional Bavarian foods on offer, such as pretzels, bratwursts, sauerkraut, and so on, it is beers that are a major attraction served by various breweries in huge mugs.

In addition, the Oktoberfest is an animated kaleidoscope of jubilant beer tents, lively parades, and jovial folk music, providing the most absorbing immersion into German ways of life and welcome. Oktoberfest is an energetic salutation that will remain in your memory, regardless of whether you love drinking beer or simply wish for a memorable cultural event.

Taste of London

Taste of London is among the food festivals in Europe that one should make an effort to attend. It is one of the city’s biggest culinary events, attracting foodies and world-renowned chefs to its lively food scene. The festival takes place at Regent’s Park, where foods from Michelin-starred restaurants to street hawkers who have become trendy are offered.

Attendees can also try out new things with cooking workshops run by famous cooks and participate in interactive seminars to enhance their cooking skills. Taste of London is a gourmet lover’s paradise replete with live music, bustling markets, and general vibes; therefore, it is nearly impossible for any lover of good food not to visit this place if he or she wants a full submersion into London’s cuisine guidelines.


One of the most significant food festivals in Europe is Pizzafest. It comes to Naples, one of Italy’s liveliest cities and revolves around the world-renowned dish – pizza. Each year this occasion brings together people from all over the world who are fans of pizza, and people visit this place to taste original Neapolitan pizzas and masterpieces and know how they are traditionally prepared. In its historical streets, Naples offers different pizza flavors in numerous pizzerias owned by renowned pizzaiolos; it perfectly matches crispy crusts, tangy tomatoes, and melting mozzarella with a tasty cheesiness.

Pizzafest, besides Margherita, which is the classic example, features a fascinating journey around different parts of the world accompanied by live music played next to it, cultural activities taking place close to it, and educational sessions being carried out through it.


Salon du Chocolat

The Salon du Chocolat is an excellent food festival that one should consider visiting in Europe. It is set in Paris, France, a very beautiful place. This big and wonderful occasion marks the era of all things chocolate. In this space, worldwide recognized cocoa experts, pastry chefs and chocolate makers showcase their magnificent works for visitors to taste different experiences from chocolate.

The Salon du Chocolat entices people with a wide range of mouth-watering treats prepared with artistic mastery, such as soft truffles and complex sculptures, demonstrating the plasticity and inventiveness of making chocolate. Apart from devouring tasty sweets, they invite you to attend master classes on creating chocolates or try out combinations made by famous chocolatiers worldwide during the chocolatier's creation workshop.

Salon du Chocolat combines luxury, innovation, and tradition, packaging these into an unforgettable experience for chocoholics or simply food fanatics.

Truffle festival

The Truffle Festival in Europe is a food festival you need to attend. Located in the picturesque town of Alba, Italy, this culinary event is dedicated to worshiping truffles, an exquisite taste and an intense aroma. During this occasion, the visitors will be able to enter the world of truffles while enjoying different dishes garnished with these edible fungi.

Creamy risottos and savory pasta made from these highly acclaimed mushrooms are among such foods. Visitors can also engage in truffle hunting missions, go for guided tours at local truffle farms, and attend talks on truffle agriculture and cookery art.

What makes Truffle Festival unique is its additional feature – besides only foods inspired by truffles, attendees can also bring THC carts, adding a new level of indulgence and pleasure to this already incredible gastronomy experience.

Cheese festival

The Cheese Festival is a food event that is worth traveling to in Europe. In the bewitching town of Gruyères, Switzerland, it’s a lovely event and a celebration of the diverse and rich world of cheese.

The visitors will have an opportunity to taste various handcrafted cheeses from around the region starting from creamy Gruyère and ending with hard Emmental. It allows cheese enthusiasts to engage with local cheesemakers, understand traditional cheesemaking methods, and learn about distinct flavors and attributes within each kind.

There are even cheese-themed cookery demonstrations, cheese-pairing workshops, and cheese-tasting competitions at this festival, which is fun and educational for all ages.

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