Taking Advantage of Some Great Prices

About a year ago, I posted about stepping into the grocery store near my physical therapist's second office (that I only go to between sessions when I have a need for an emergency session) and discovering just how cheap the groceries and especially produce there are. I calculated such a huge price difference that it would possibly make it worth spending the gas money to shop there. But I haven't done that, though. 

Instead, whenever I am in the area, I make sure to shop there. Two weeks ago I needed to go to an appoitnment in between my usual sessions and was in the area, I popped in to buy some vegetables and other basics, and I was incredibly excited by the prices, especially since lately groceries have been quite expensive.

Then I actually had a funny and strange experience at that grocery store. I filled up my cart with the cheap produce, picking out the most beautiful ones, and then moved on to the cheese counter. While I was there, when I went to put the cheese in my wagon, and a man told that I had his cart instead of mine. I literally looked around the entire store twice and did not find the wagon I filled with produce anywhere which left me so confused. It meant that I had to go fill a new cart with groceries again... but this time the produce wasn't exactly what I wanted... since I had gotten both soft and hard avocadoes... and I couldn't find any more soft avocadoes when I went back a second time. And the zucchinis left were smaller and skimpier... And I forgot to get peppers on my second go around...
Either way, cue Twilight Zone spooky music.

Once I got home, being so impressed by the prices, I decided to photograph what I bought and show you just how cheap it actually was.

Tomatoes and cucumbers were $0.25/lb and $0.49/lb respectively instead of their usual $0.77/lb.

Red peppers (which, as I mentioned, I forgot to get the second time, and therefore don't appear in the picture) were $0.62/lb instead of $1.34/lb.

Avocadoes, now in season (I love avocado season) were  $0.49/lb instead of their lower than usual in season price of $0.78/lb. (These avocadoes were so awesome and huge and delicious.)

I usually buy light green zucchini, (apparently named Magda zucchini) since they're cheaper than the dark green zucchini. But this time the dark green zucchini was even cheaper than the light green ones, and I paid  $0.37/lb instead of the usual $1.16/lb for the cheaper light green ones.

Potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and onions, which are supposed to be cheap, have been quite expensive lately, at $0.63/lb for the first 3, and $0.77/lb for the last, so it was nice to find them at $0.36/lb each.

Beets also generally a cheap vegetable,  andwere $0.37/lb instead of their usual $0.77/lb.

Sweet potatoes were $0.62/lb instead of $1.16/lb.

I bought a package of basil (so many cheap tomatoes called for a tomato and basil salad) for $1.11 instead of $1.40.

We love artichoke around here, and I was surprised at how cheap it was. Yes, it is in season, but even so, I don't think I've ever seen it this cheap. It was $0.48/lb instad of its usual in season price of $0.78/lb.

Lastly, whole wheat pitas usually cost $2.46 each, but they were 3 fpr $2.86 so $0.95 each.

I was really happy with these prices. So much so that when I was in the area for a play the next week, you betcha, I came back to shop again.

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