Cool Vibes: Discover Easy, Natural Ways for Your Teen to Find Their Zen

Parenting teenagers is, for some people, the hardest stage of pareanting. Me? The hardest part was when my kids were little and extremely clingy and always wanted me, and I never got a break. Parenting teenagers has been so much easier in many ways, though, of course, each teen is their own story, as I'm finding out, with 3 "teens" (my 12 year old is basically a teenager with the body and hormones of a teenager). But parenting a teen isn't challenging for no reason- teenagers often have a really hard time and can lash out at their parents or behave badly to deal with their struggles. We, as parents, can help by trying to give them as many tools as they can to manage their challenges.

Being a teenager is not a walk in the park. As hormones surge and social pressure mounts, teenagers find themselves battling stress, anxiety, and even depression. As a teenager’s parent, you must find healthy ways to cope with their intense emotions. And not just for managing the turbulent teen years but for developing lifelong wellness habits.

Fortunately, many natural methods can help you or your teens cultivate calm and resilience. Let’s explore some of the best ways for your teen to de-stress and stay centered.

Five Easy, Natural Ways for Your Teen to Find Their Zen

Here are easy and natural ways to help your teen find their zen.

1. Live in the Now

One of the biggest causes of anxiety and negative emotions in teens is worrying about the future or dwelling on the past. But do you know what? The present moment is all they’ll ever have. Teens should learn to live mindfully by staying grounded in the here and now, which helps them maintain a calm mental space.

Meditation is one way to help teens live in the now. It’s a mindful practice that can be done differently, even if your teens don’t want to sit in one place.

They can practice:
  • Mindful walking or hiking

  • Mindful coloring or doodling

  • Mindful yoga flow (no need for intense poses, just moving with your breath)

The key is finding mindfulness activities that resonate with your teen’s interests and personality. When teens can pay attention to sensations without judgment, their stress and anxiety melt away.

Oh, and don’t forget about apps. Meditation and mindfulness apps with funky animations or gamification elements can make the practices more appealing. Just ensure you make it a daily routine.

2. Create a Vibe-Friendly Teen Space

As parents, we have all gotten the teenager’s eye-roll when we suggest yet another “lame” activity for them to try. Instead of dictating, why not create an environment where they can discover their favorite vibe-boosting rituals?

You can dedicate a room or corner of your home as a zen, judgment-free space decked out for maximum chilling moments. Put bean bags, cozy blankets, art supplies, journals, instruments, a herb garden, or an aquarium. Set the stage for them to explore mindfulness, creativity, or connect with nature as they please.

You can also designate this as a “kick-it-spot” for hanging out with friends. Give them or place some snacks, put on a dope playlist, and let them vibe on their own, meditate, jam with guitars, have deep talks, or just do some painting.

Remember, when left alone, some teens may opt for drugs like cannabis to create “good vibes.” Still, as a parent, you should never encourage teen smoking, considering the health problems associated with underage use of marijuana. However, if your teen is of age (above 18 years), you can have an open discussion about the responsible use of marijuana or CBD products that have recently gained popularity. For additional safety for you and your teens, be aware of your state’s specific cannabis laws and regulations. Safety, health, and well-being should always be your top priority.

3. Indulge them in Creative Activities

Another coping method for teens who are battling with stress, anxiety, and depression is engaging in creative practice. When emotions overwhelm teenagers and they’re feeling intense, they can use healthy outlets such as self-expression through creative activities like poetry, journaling, visual arts, music, dance, or any other artistic modality that will allow them to process their emotions in a contained way.

You can set up an art-making space and stock it with supplies to nurture your teen’s expressive spark. The beauty is there is no need for a masterpiece. Remember that the true benefit comes from the process itself, not the product.

4. Bliss out in the Great Outdoors

According to statistics by Data Reportal, many teens spend an average of 9 hours per day glued to screens. But now you should know that getting quality nature time is more critical than ever, especially when it comes to fighting stress, anxiety, or depression. Soaking up some sunshine while immersed in green spaces is therapeutic for the body, mind, and spirit.

As a parent, plan family hikes, picnics in the park, or just come to a quality backyard hangout where your teen can unplug and appreciate the world around them. Better yet, get them started on an outdoor project like gardening or looking after potted plants. Yes, there is immense fulfillment in caring for living things. After spending time in nature’s embrace, your teen will come up refreshed, recharged, and brimming with good vibes.

5. Boost Your Moods With Movements

Exercise does more than keep our physical bodies in shape; it’s also credibly beneficial for our mental and emotional well-being. That’s because movement triggers a cocktail of feel-good hormones like endorphin, serotonin, and dopamine, which are nature’s perfect hormones for bliss and serenity.

The key for teens is finding active pursuits that feel more like play than a dreaded workout. From dance classes to rock climbing, martial arts, or even just impromptu living room dance parties. Any movement that gets them out of their heads and into their bodies provides a massive mood boost. Simply shaking off that pent-up negative energy through joyful motion is a straight path to feeling free.

Bottom Line

In this whirlwind called the teenage years, having an arsenal of easy, natural ways for your teen to find zen is invaluable. From mindfulness and meditation to creative expression to mood boating movements and cultivating a vibe-friendly chill space at home. The best part? None of these techniques put questionable substance into your teens’ precious developing bodies and brains—just time-honored practices rooted in what humans have been doing for centuries to find balance and peace.

So, stop thinking too hard and take drastic steps now to explore and discover what elevating ritual works best for your teen.

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