Remember That New Year’s Resolution About No More Alcohol? Here’s How to Keep It

Moms drinking wine to "de-stress" from parenting challenges has become such a ubiquitous thing that there are countless memes about it, and it is something that is normalizing self medicating with alcohol, something that easily turns to addiction. Additionally, people dealing with mental health issues sometimes turn to alcohol to try to self soothe. However, using alcohol for this purpose can have many negative side effects. If you've noticed your drinking has become an unhealthy habit, you might have wisely decided to stop drinking alcohol. But going sober is not so easy, especially with such a large alcohol culture. Here are some ways to help you stick to your resolution to stop drinking.

Setting a New Year's resolution to quit drinking is an admirable goal, but it's not always an easy one to keep, especially if you're an alcoholic. You may not even realize you've crossed the line from someone who drinks a lot to someone who is an alcoholic, but it can make a difference in how easy it is for you to keep this resolution. If you find you're struggling to keep it, there are a few things you can do.

Figure Out Why It's Hard to Quit

Take a bit of time to sit and really think about your situation. Look at your own life carefully for signs of alcoholism and consider whether this might be something you need extra help to accomplish. If you have any signs of alcoholism, it may be a good idea to look into the many treatment options available. These can help you keep your resolution and ensure you have everything you need to be successful.

Learn More About the Impact of Alcohol

Knowing the full impact alcohol has on you, both right now and in the future, can help give you something to think about when you want to reach for a drink. Consider the health impacts, your mental health, and other impacts, like your job, family, and friends. Alcoholism seeps into every aspect of your life, even if you think you're still in control and can start to have impacts that may be difficult or impossible to reverse in the future.

Create Small, Obtainable Goals

A whole year is a long period - that's why so many New Year's resolutions end up failing. Of course, that can be a goal you have in mind, but it's much easier to achieve the goal if you can break it down into smaller ones. Set a goal for January. Set another for February. See if you can make it past your sister's birthday or just celebrate your mom's birthday without having a drink. Take it one day, week, or month at a time and it'll be far easier to make it through the whole year.

Celebrate Your Milestones

Don't forget to celebrate your milestones. Getting together with friends, buying something you've wanted for a while, and sharing your success are great ways to celebrate. Don't forget to take the time to reflect on how far you've come, too. Think about just how long it's been, how great you've done through the new year, and what you've learned to make it easier moving forward.

Learn From Setbacks that Occur

There will be times when you end up having a drink or finding it incredibly difficult to avoid having a drink, and that's ok. One or two drinks aren't going to ruin sobriety as long as it stops there and you don't continue to drink. If you end up having a setback, stop and think about it. Have you learned anything? What can you do to keep it from happening again? Learning is part of the process and can help you be more successful going forward.

If you've set a New Year's resolution to quit drinking this year, make sure you stick with it. Look into professional treatment options to get the help you need to be successful and reach your goal. Use the tips here to give yourself a better chance of keeping your resolution.

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