Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You know you might be...

You know you might be dumpster diving just a little too much if your 1.5 year old kid won't let you pass by a dumpster without picking him up so he can see what exactly is inside... and even if you reassure him it's just garbage, he still needs to see for himself before he will move on.

Absolutely true situation. Makes me laugh every time.

You know you might be just a little too conservative with water if your guests use your restroom and then ask if they have permission to flush the toilet.

Ok, that was my dad. Haha,

You know you might be just a little too vocal about cloth diapering if when you put a child in a disposable diaper for whatever reason you don't stop hearing about it from friends who noticed it.

You know you might be a little too outspoken about your frugality if you find yourself explaining and rationalizing to the cashier (who is your friend) why you're buying things that may not seem so frugal.

You know you might be just a little too much into reusing if you have to convince yourself that its ok when you throw something into the trash....

Lets hear yours.

You know you're too... frugal if you ....?

True examples preferred, but if you're just trying to be humorous, not factual, make a note of that in the comments.

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  1. Are attempting to make your own kitty litter from old newspapers! Its supposed to be something lone the brand yesterday's news...but I don't know for sure yet;) I just know that when I started giving it a try that the thought when through my head that maybe its a little extreme when I could just spend $5 a month on cheap litter. Still, $5 is $5 right?


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