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Homemade Saline Solution Recipe

 Ok, this may seem like a dumb idea for a post, but my little girly is sick and is having breathing trouble and I've discovered via the net a way I can help her without giving her steroids or chemicals, doesn't cost a lot, and guess what? My doctor totally approves also, so I'm not being frugal at the cost of her health, don't worry.

My doc said that I should put saline in a nebulizer and let her breathe in the salt water solution... and they usually sell saline in pharmacies for this purpose among others...
Well, I didn't have time to make it to a pharmacy, and I didn't see the need to buy it if I could make it myself, and saline solution is saltwater solution...

Fortunately, google came to the rescue, and I discovered how to make my own saline solution, and I've been using that in the nebulizer and it seems to be helping my baby, fortunately.
I figured I'd share it with you in case you ever are in need of this for yourself or your child...

Homemade Saline Solution Recipe

1 cup water (ideally filtered)
1 tsp salt

1. Bring water to a boil. Boil for 10 minutes to get rid of any impurities.

2. Mix salt into the water and stir until dissolved.

3. Let the saline mixture cool.

Use in your nebulizer to assist with breathing issues. The moisture makes breathing easier, and the salt kills bacteria and viruses.
You can also put into a squeeze bottle and squeeze a few drops into each nostril to help clear up congestion.
You can also use this in a neti pot to do nasal irrigation to alleviate sinus issues and congestion in adults.

I did read about adding half a teaspoon of baking soda to the mix, but wasn't sure about whether or not to add that for nebulizer use (as the store bought stuff is just salt and water), but feel free to add that when doing nasal irrigation with a neti pot.

Here's to hoping you feel terrific and have no need for this recipe, but if you do, hope it helps you out!

Hope my daughter feels better soon as well...

Do you own a nebulizer? Have you ever had to use it with saline? Do you buy the saline or make your own?
Do you use a neti pot?


  1. I applaud your ingenuity. I know from personal experience that your method works wonders.

  2. I have tried it on myself, as well as my kids and I can say that its the cheapest and more natural way of helping the cough, lung congestion, and consequently the breathing of anyone. We have here in Europe also places with salt rooms, to help children, so if you get into more than you can handle, you should check if any are around where you live. I am sure they have them everywhere, its not hard to make.

    Good luck and hope everyone stays healthy and don't need to use it. ;)

  3. Thanks for the info, made it as soon as I seen the recipe, I hope I have success as well, hope your baby is doing better..

  4. I had sinus surgery in 2006 and the dr gave me this recipe to use to make the solution to irrigate my sinuses. It worked wonders! I had lost the recipe and forget the measurements so thanks for the post!

  5. I used this recipe before and it helps. I just added baking soda for nasal use as it can sting otherwise.

  6. One of my friends just sent me to this post cuz I am having a horrible time breathing in between treatments (sick kids passed it to me, I have asthma. It is never pretty when that happens.) Thank you so much. I'm off to boil water and see if I can avoid a trip to the ER for a stronger treatment.

    1. Where are you located? I'm in Ohio and this year the pollens or something has caused it to be brutal on my breathing! Usually I'm dealing with difficulty breathing for a week each year at this time since we moved here but this year it's lasted 3 weeks, I've been handling it with homeopathics but the nebulizer helps so much I've been avoiding it cause the doc refused to write a script for just the saline solution. I refuse to put toxic junk in my body so I've been holding out and decided to pop online today to see if I can find a good source for this info. Having hubs boil the water now to make it so I can use the nebulizer.

  7. We use this all the time!

  8. Thank you, I have just been discharged from hospital and I need to use my nebuliser frequently, but I was running out of solution. This is just fantastic.

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  10. Thank you! My 18 month old had a bit of croupe and we already had a nebulizer and this really came in handy:) Thanks!

  11. We swear by saline nebulizer treatments. We've been giving them to my son since he was a baby. We got him through RSV without any medications or steroids - only saline nebulizer treatments. Any time he is congested we start giving them to him 2 times a day (morning and evening). He keeps him from getting a sinus infection or a worse cold.

  12. Thank you so much for this recipe! I have a dehydrated baby goat with pneumonia & the vet said I could give her a shot with sterilized water, but this would be much better since this is what is supposed to be in the fluid solution! (it is the weekend, and I don't think he wants to come in to sell me the correct stuff).
    Also, I am going to try this solution in our humidifier as my son currently has a 'croupy' cough. Has anyone done that with success?

    On a side note, any time our family has a respiratory illness, we make 'elderberry hot cocoa'. I collect elderberries and make my own elderberry juice for jelly, so I always have a lot of elderberry juice around. The year H1N1 was a big deal, I found a study done in Israel that showed if elderberry juice were used at the beginning of a respiratory illness (can't remember if it was first 24, 48 or 72 hours of onset), that the time and severity of the illness would be reduced over 70% of the time. I mix 2oz. elderberry juice with 6oz. hot cocoa (we add home-made whip cream too--YUM!) That first time, only my middle son (5ys old then)was brave enough to try it with me. He and I were only sick for 3 days, and the rest of the family (two more sons & hubby) were sick for a full three weeks! I think we drank it three times a day for 2 or 3 days.
    Since then, someone gave me a small bottle of elderberry juice (preserved in grain alcohol) and the directions say to take 30 drops which was a full small dropper 2x per day. So you can probably use a lot less that 2oz.

    This is definitely an acquired taste, as plain elderberry juice tastes awful! I thought the unhealthy addition of the sugar to make it good was worth it to get the medicine down, especially with such good results!

  13. It works great for me and my 15th mth old son

  14. thank you for sharing.

  15. Just made up a batch for my almost 5 year old son. He woke up with terrible croup around 2 A.M. I couldn't find his parts to the breathing machine so I put him in the bathroom with the hot water on then after got the humidifier out. Was a long night. Thank goodness for my mother-in-law, she had extra parts for the nebulizer so I was able to borrow until I get new parts. It seems like it's helped my son, and best thing is that it doesn't make his heart race. Thank you!!

  16. How long does it take before it goes bad (What is the shelf-life?)

  17. Make sure to boil water first or use distiller water! It's very rare but regular tap water can contain a fatal amoeba.

  18. Can anyone tell me how many CC's of this you use in your nebulizer? Mine goes up to 6cc's but I can't find anything that tells me how much to use per treatment. Will this help with an upper respiratory infection in a a10 month old?



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